"Car manufacturers are facing more than 1.2m compensation claims following allegations"
"Diesel drivers could see huge impact from landmark High Court emissions scandal"
"Anyone who owned certain diesel cars or vans could be due thousands of pounds in compensation, say lawyers"

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  • Up to 10 million diesel vehicles are estimated to be affected
  • Some cases could be worth up to 75% of the purchase price
  • You could be owed up to £10,000 per vehicle
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What is it?

European Regulators have found that most manufacturers cheated emissions tests and lied to consumers about the diesel vehicles that were being sold, saying they were more environmentally friendly and efficient than they were

In doing so, this means that owners paid more than they should for vehicles that were less environmentally friendly and possibly with lower fuel economy than advertised. Consequently, if you sold the vehicle, you may also have got less than you might have expected because of this issue

Your vehicle could be one of them

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Am I eligible?

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If you have purchased, leased, or financed a diesel vehicle (manufactured between 2008 and 2020) — new or secondhand — then you should join the group action as you may be entitled to compensation worth up to £10,000 per vehicle


  • What is dieselgate?

    Dubbed 'dieselgate', millions of diesel cars and vans are involved in this environmental scandal. Your vehicle could be one of them

    A leading manufacturer has already agreed to a £193 million payout settlement for its affected vehicles. Your vehicle manufacturer could be next. The list of vehicle manufacturers involved in this scandal is extensive

    These vehicles were misleadingly advertised and sold as more environmentally friendly, emitting lower levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx). In reality, the opposite was the case

    High levels of NOx are linked to over 64,000 early deaths annually, not to mention having a huge impact on the climate and contributing towards global warming

    Our partner law firm thinks that's just wrong, and we want to bring these car manufacturers to account

    Our partner law firm has already successfully won a first-round emissions claims case against a leading manufacturer and they're confident this won't be the last

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  • What is the Diesel Emissions claim about?

    Our partner law firm is investigating leading car manufacturers in a potential group claim for alleged 'cheat devices' fitted in certain vehicles. These 'cheat devices' artificially reduce emissions under test conditions to pass EU regulations

    When these same vehicles are driven on the road, they have been proven to emit dangerously higher levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases than the test conditions reported

    Not only is this damaging to the environment, but also public health. It's estimated that this kind of pollution leads to 64,000 early deaths a year

    Our partner law firm is investigating the above claims on behalf of clients just like you who have owned one of the affected diesel vehicles

    The claim could be worth a significant amount of money in compensation, likely to be worth thousands of pounds

    If you bought or leased a diesel vehicle and think you may have been affected, we urge you to join the claim today. Simply complete the online form to get started

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  • What did the vehicle manufacturers do?

    Our partner law firm believes that a whole host of the world's most popular and leading vehicle manufacturers misled their customers over the environmental performance of their diesel vehicles

  • Why join a group claim?

    Because you may be owed compensation worth thousands for each diesel vehicle you've owned, collective action can be a powerful thing. There's often strength and more momentum in numbers, and by joining forces with other vehicle owners who've experienced the same injustice, we can work together to get a successful resolution

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  • Why choose us?

    Most recently, our partner law firm issued further proceedings against Mercedes-Benz following the discovery that they too were involved in the dieselgate scandal

    Our partner law firm has been instructed by thousands of owners of popular diesel vehicles to pursue an emissions claim on their behalf. We partner with firms that we know do their best to support the clients we introduce.Discover now if you can join too

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